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What do we wear?


First and most important, BE COMFORTABLE!!!  There is nothing worse than a dress that you have to constantly adjust or new shoes that are not broken in yet.  Speaking of shoes, we are at the beach!  Flip flops are good and barefoot is better!


We all know the classic white and khaki look for beach portraits.  There is a reason this is a tried and true works and is most flattering for most people.  Pastels works great too.  My only request is NO BLACK OR NAVY!  This can give a "flat" look in your pictures and can make you look paler than you are.  


What do we bring?


Your smiling, happy self and family!  Seriously, this will be a fun time.  No need to stress yourself or the kiddos.  

Something cold and clear to drink is a good idea.  Fruit punch on your white shirt will not help morale.  Snacks are great too if your session is close to dinner and you think it might help with attitudes for your little ones...or adults!  Let's get real here, I get fussy if no one feeds me too!


A towel or tissue to blot sweaty faces can't hurt either.  Humidity is not our friend here on the Outer Banks!


Can we bring our camera?


Of course!  My only request is not to take any pictures until I am done with a particular pose (I will let you know).  That will help ensure that everyone is looking at me and my camera for the pictures that you have paid me to take for you.  


Do you reschedule for weather?


Welcome to North Carolina...if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change!  All joking aside, I keep a close eye on the weather forecast the day of your session and try to plan accordingly.  If there is a slight (less that 50%) chance of rain we will go ahead as planned.  More than that we will watch the radar and work around the rain.  We can shoot on covered decks and gazebos if need be.  We can also try to reschedule if possible.